Setšong Teas

Welcome to the Heart of Heritage: Setšong Tea Collection at Akoben & Co.

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of South Africa's indigenous heritage with the Setšong Tea Collection, exclusively available at Akoben & Co. Each cup of Setšong Tea is not just a sip of exquisite flavors but a step towards nurturing communities and preserving a legacy of traditional wisdom.

Empowering Communities Through Every Leaf

Setšong Tea Crafters stands as a beacon of innovation and tradition, operating as a 100% black-owned company passionately led by youth and women. Our unique partnership with rural cooperatives in the lush landscapes of Limpopo, under the guidance of Siyaphila Youth Support Services, is a testament to our commitment to uplifting communities and promoting sustainable economic growth through the power of indigenous flora.

A Journey Through South Africa’s Biodiversity

As the 3rd most bio-diverse country globally, South Africa's vast natural resources, nestled within its rural landscapes, serve as the foundation of our tea. These indigenous plants, enriched with decades of traditional knowledge for health and healing, are carefully crafted into exceptional herbal tea infusions. Setšong Tea Crafters proudly provides a platform for the voices of traditional knowledge holders, ensuring their wisdom flourishes for future generations.

Unique Blends with Unparalleled Benefits

Our catalog features indigenous teas like Tepane and Diya, cultivated through knowledge passed down over five generations by the Bapedi tribe. These teas don’t just compete on the global stage with their unique flavors and health benefits; they carry a rich heritage and a story of resilience and community.

Award-Winning Innovation

Setšong Tea Crafters has been recognized for its innovative approach to business, winning prestigious awards including:

- Most Progressive SMME by Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce - Global Business Accelerator
- Bio-Entrepreneur of the year by AfricBio
- Top Female Run Enterprise at the SA Innovation Summit - SEDA Pitch and Perfect Competition
- 2nd Runner up in Agro-processing at the Eskom Business Investment Competition
- Food Lover's Market Seeds of Change winner 2022


 A Brighter Future with Every Cup

By choosing Setšong Tea, you're not just indulging in a delightful tea experience; you're contributing to a movement. With every purchase, you support job creation in rural Sekhukhune, the preservation of indigenous knowledge, and the empowerment of communities striving for a sustainable future.

Explore the Setšong Tea Collection at Akoben & Co. and join us in celebrating the cultural richness and biodiversity of our heritage. Together, let's build communities today for tomorrow's future, one cup of tea at a time.